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Call for Participation (By Invitation Only)

perfSONAR (http://www.perfsonar.net) is an infrastructure and a set of services for network performance monitoring, facilitating the ability to make and exchange performance measurements in order to: (a) solve end-to-end performance problems on paths crossing several networks, and (b) enable network-aware applications. There are over 700 publicly registered perfSONAR toolkit deployments worldwide, and the adoption is continuing to grow rapidly within data-intensive application communities.

The Second NSF-sponsored perfSONAR Workshop (pSW2014) will run from 9am February 20th to noon February 21st, 2014 at NSF, Arlington VA. The second workshop builds upon the success of the first workshop held 8-9 July 2010 in Arlington, VA, and is open to members of the network and system measurement community that includes a variety of stakeholders: researchers, applications developers, network operators, network managers, and others with an interest in network/system research and performance measurement/monitoring. The workshop aims to bring together these stakeholders for delivering targeted tutorials, talks sharing latest advances/demos from invited speakers, and fostering discussions to identify gaps that exist for solving prominent issues such as:

  • Network measurement tools development and calibration
  • Algorithms and Techniques for Automated Network Troubleshooting
  • Architectures for Federated Measurement Collection, Analysis and Sharing
  • Measurement Federation related Standards-development Efforts
  • Monitoring of Software Defined, and Overlay Networks
  • Measurement of Cloud and Grid Application Environments
  • Security and Policy Considerations for Federated Measurements
  • Case Studies of End-to-End Network/System Performance Troubleshooting
  • Applications Integration and Deployment (e.g., network support use cases in Science DMZ, Cloud/HPC and BigData)

Participants who would like to present at the workshop are requested to send a presentation abstract along with a brief bio (in PDF format) to pSWkshp2014@gmail.com with the subject line as “<Speaker Name> Presentation Abstract”. NSF-funded travel grants are available for speakers.
**Presentation Abstract Submission deadline: January 3, 2014** (Extended Deadline)
**Acceptance notification: January 15, 2014** (Extended Deadline)

Participants who would like to attend the workshop to contribute in the discussions should send a 1-Page description (in PDF format) of the intent to participate to pSWkshp2014@gmail.com with the subject line as “<Attendee Name> Intent Abstract”. The description should include: (i) a brief bio, (ii) a set of challenges and opportunities relating to network/system performance measurement/monitoring that should be discussed in the workshop, and (iii) how your participation would add value to the workshop discussions.
**Intent Abstract Submission deadline: January 3, 2014** (Extended Deadline)
**Invitation notification: January 15, 2014** (Extended Deadline)
If travel support is needed, please follow instructions provided here.

We strongly encourage participation not only from current perfSONAR stakeholders, but also from potential stakeholders and research community members not previously involved in perfSONAR activities but are interested in joining and contributing to the perfSONAR community.

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